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Appreciation Program for participants in IDY2020 on 21st June 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

The last date for application has been extended till July 10, 2020. Institutes/Teachers/Attendees who have not filled the Application Form yet are requested to apply on or before 10th July, 2020, 06:00 PM (IST).

Downloading Certificate: The institutes/teachers/attendees can download appreciation certificate from the link given on the website ‘’ after 15.07.2020, 06:00 PM (IST).

Offline data submission is for Institutes/Teachers only. Individual applicant cannot send single entry offline data. If you are an individual practitioner/participant, you are requested to create an Email Id and fill the form online.

Else, it is notified to Institutes and Teachers that option for offline data submission is now open. It is noticed that several institutes/teachers are unable to get their students/attendees apply online. Since many of them do not have email ID’s, it is decided to receive offline data of students/attendees by their respective institutes/teachers. Email at [email protected] to receive the format of the same. Appreciation certificates to such accepted applications of students/attendees will be sent to their institute/teacher as the case may be.

• Institutions, Teacher, Individual participants from India and abroad can apply
• YCB accredited PrCBs, LYIs, Yoga Institutions/Centres
• Universities, colleges, Ashram, Schools, Yoga Studio may also join the program
• Yoga Teacher Associated with institutes
• Freelance Yoga Teacher
• Students associated with institutes, teacher.
• Independent participants / Yoga aspirants

• Institutions shall apply to participate in the program.
• Teacher associated with the institute shall apply to participate in the program.
• Freelance teacher shall also apply to participate in the program
• Students of the institute, teacher shall apply to participate in the program.
• Independent participants / Yoga aspirants shall apply to participate in the program.

• Teacher shall provide online training on Common Yoga Protocol.
• Teacher shall use video link of Common Yoga Protocol available on You Tube.
• Teacher shall guide how to observer IDY on 21st June online

Kindy go through the following link to learn to how to apply

If you fill wrong details, you can reapply but with a different/new email ID.
No entries with the same email ID will be accepted.
Once your email ID is registered, it can not be reused or used by another person